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Whether you're just learning to skate or looking to advance your skating to the next level. I can help you maximize your potential, from basic jumps to quads.

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Full training program available for freestyle skaters and ice dancers: On ice, off ice, spinner and harness. Maximize your skating potential.

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Mozer Team - Figure Skating Coach

As part of the Mozer Team I work with all levels of ice skaters from beginners to Elite - striving for that Gold Medal performance. I coach Freestyle, Ice Dance (solo and teams), and Edgework. In addition I offer off ice training and conditioning, spinner, and harness (on and off ice). Individual lessons and full training programs available.

I'm available on location worldwide for skating clinics and training camps.

Full Training Program

For Success in Competitive Figure Skating
On Ice
Repitition or proper technique, and safety are the cornerstones.
Off Ice
Essential for strength, consistency, and foundational skills. Increases and improves flexibility, strength, balance, and stamina.
Dedication to training that builds skill, confidence, and endurance through consistency and persevrence.
Positive mental attitude, drive, and focus.

Jessica Calalang & Zack Sidhu 2015 NHK Trophy Pairs FР

Josephine Lee

Mozer Team

Shoma Uno

Emily Day & Kevin Leahy  2014 Jr Grand Prix Courchevel

Training Camp - Japan

Battle of the Blades - Canada

Mozer Team

Karolina Calhoun & Logan Leonesio 2016 Jr Grand Prix St. Gervais 2016

In addition to working with the skaters from The Mozer Team, I've had the pleasure of working with many talented skaters in singles, dance, and pairs including:

Shoma Uno
Josephine Lee
Satoko Miyahara
Daniel Samohin
Layla Karnes & Jeffrey Chen
Jessica Calalang & Zack Sidhu
Oksana Kazakova & Vladimir Malakhov
Karolina Calhoun & Michael Valdez
Emily Day & Kevin Leahy
Cassidy Klopstock & Logan Leonesio
...and many more