Josephine Lee


Spinner training is vital to increase vestibular stability and improve the skater's proficency at multi-revolution jumps. In short it helps skaters build the muscle control, strength, and reflexes necessary to master rotating jumps from single jumps, to double jumps, to triple jumps, to quad jumps. The spinner is also an excellent tool to improve multi-position (combination) spins.

Satoko Miyahara

Jumping Harness

"The Fishing Pole" Harness - Used on or off ice, can dramatically reduce the time it takes the student to learn double jumps, triple jumps, and quad jumps.  By using a jump harness the coach is able to assist the skater stay straight in the air, and can help the skater get back in position on the landing.  The harness can also mitigate any hard falls when learning a new jump.