As part of The Mozer Team I help skaters achieve their potential. From beginner to competitive Elite skaters, I can help you achieve your goals and help take your skating to the next level.

joey2For the parent with the child who wants to learn to skate, or has just started skating - The beginning is the most important step. This is where they learn the foundational skills that will help them achieve success in figure skating.  On ice your child will learn the basic fundamental skating skills necessary for skating in a safe, positive manner. Figure Skating is in large part muscle memory - correct repetition is key.  Lessons are necessary to make sure the skills are learned and practiced correctly. The more they practice, the more quickly they will progress. Once they have mastered the basic fundamentals of ice skating, then the fun part begins - spinning and jumping.  At this stage your child should also start doing off ice sessions, including not only conditioning but spinner work.

For competitive figure skaters - Whether learning your first single jumps, or progressing from single jumps to double jumps, or double jumps to triple jumps, or triple jumps to quad jumps, technique and repitition are key. I can help you to improve not only your overall skating skills, but improve and advance your jumping and spinning, effectively helping you to maximize not only your techical elements, but the components that make up your program component scores. In addition to on ice lessons, the jumping harness (both on and off ice), spinner, and off ice conditioning become critically important.  I do offer a complete program for competitive skaters of all levels that combine on ice, jump harness (both on and off ice), off ice conditioning, and spinner.  I'm also available to work as a specialist, as part of your team, in collaboration with your main figure skating coach.

For ice dancers (solo ice dance and teams) - If you're just starting out in ice dance, or an experienced solo ice dancer or an ice dance team looking to improve, I can help you to maximize your potential. From improving over all skating skills, including edge quality and speed, to increasing footwork difficulty, creating high GOE lifts, and polishing Compulsory ice dances to maximize your scores, I can help you achieve your goals. I do offer a complete program combining on and off ice work, in addition to specialized focused options tailored to the individual skater or team's needs. I'm also available to work as a specialist, as part of your team, in collaboration with your main ice skating coach.

I available for clinics and training camps worldwide.