Born and raised in Moscow, I'm a former World Competitor in Ice Dance, and with Svetlana Kulikova, won the 2003 Nebelhorn Trophy, two medals at the Russian Championships, and finished 4th at Skate America, 7th at Europeans, and 13th at Worlds. We were coached by the legendary Tatiana Tarasova and Olympic Gold Medalist Evgeni Platov. Prior to starting my competitive ice dance career, I trained as a competitive singles/freestyle skater from age 4 to 17.

Tatiana Tarasova and Vitaliy Novikov - on the set of Ice Age


2005 - 2006 Tatiana Tarasova / Nikolai Morozov
2002 - 2005 Tatiana Tarasova/ Evgeni Platov / Maya Usova
2000 - 2002 Alexander Zhulin
1997 - 2000 Oleg Epstein
1991 - 1994 Rafael Arutunian
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Competitive Career Highlights:


1st Place - Cup of Russia, Senior Boys 1991-95
1st Place - Moscow Junior Boys Compeition 1990
1st Place - All Union Competition, Junior Boys 1990 - Tallin, Estonia
1st Place - All Union Competition, Junior Boys 1989 - Severodontsk, Russia
1st Place - Moscow Junior Boys Compeition 1989

International - Dance

1st Place - 2003 Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf, Germany
4th Place - 2004 SmartOnes Skate America, Grand Prix, Pittsburg, USA
5th Place - 2003 Trophee Lalique, Grand Prix, Paris, France
5th Place - 2004 NHK Trophy, Grand Prix, Nagoya, Japan
7th Place - 2003 Cup of Russia, Grand Prix, Moscow, Russia
7th Place - 2005 European Championships
8th Place - 2004 European Championships
13th Place - 2004 World Championships
14th Place - 2005 World Championships

National - Dance

1st Place - 1999 Cup of Russia
4th Place - 2002 Russian National Championships
2nd Place - 2003 Russian National Championships
3rd Place - 2004 Russian National Championships
2nd Place - 2005 Russian National Championships

After turning professional, in addition to coaching, I competed in 2008 in TV1's Ice Age with amatuer partner Jenna Friske, and more recently in 2021 with amatuer partner Yanina Studalina

I'm available for skating clinics and training camps worldwide. I work with all levels of ice skaters from beginning skaters to elite figure skating competitors, and in all disciplines including Freestyle, Ice Dance, and Edgework.  In addition I offer jump harness (fishing pole) training both on and off ice, spinner training, and off ice training and conditioning. 

Fluent in English and Russian.